Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Winter


If you are planning your winter holiday, consider these great cities. The places combine urban entertainment, Christmassy atmosphere and even outdoor activities. Towns like Bergen and even Tokyo have wonderful natural retreats for the adventurers. So check this list and share your impressions. Where would you like to go?

10. Sedona, Arizona, USA

The town is famous for the red sandstone formations, that become sprinkled with snowy dust in winter. However the weather remains mild, but there are no crowds during this time of the year, thus you can enjoy tranquil solitude and empty hiking trails. Hot-air balloon trips are offered to admire the sunrise and the rocks, while restaurants and spa treatments will provide a relaxing vacation.

Why to go there?

A nice retreat from the urban hustle and bustle. Breathtaking canyons and great service promise a nice holiday.

Top Winter Cities-Sedona2
Top Winter Cities-Sedona3
Top Winter Cities-Sedona


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