Feeling sleepy? 5 drinks apparently wake you up better than coffee.



Researchers have found that the scent of peppermint increases alertness and decreases fatigue, which means you can ignore your coffecup and prepare a hot peppermint tea to start your day.

As peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever, it may diminish certain types of headaches (1).

The menthol in peppermint oil increases blood flow and provides a cooling sensation, possibly easing pain (2).

In one randomized clinical study in 35 people with migraines, peppermint oil applied to the forehead and temples significantly reduced pain after two hours, compared to a placebo oil (3)

Peppermint oil has been shown to relieve fatigue and daytime sleepiness in some studies, but research specifically on peppermint tea is lacking.
Peppermint tea is a delicious, naturally sweet, caffeine-free beverage that can safely be consumed at any time of day.

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