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Top 5 Natural Plants to sleep deeply.


Have you ever linked the tradition of taking a flowering plant to a hospital patient in  recovery? Now I understand why. Flowering plants have significant benefits for patients. If it can help patients with their recovery, then logically, and biologically, placing plants in your bedroom can make a difference.


While there are many plants that are considered as natural sleep remedies, Jasmine is one that has been proven time and again to be the most effective natural sleep remedy. It has been tested that Jasmine fragrances help increase the GABA effect, or the gamma-aminobutyric acid, which helps control activities in the nervous system. It is also said to reduce stress and anxiety.


    • Home depot, Lowes or your local nursery as well as ordering online. Lastly although probably a bit pricier your local florist.
      Its a beautiful lush extremely fragrant plant however I found it very hard to maintain and they all died on me. Perhaps you will be luckier and it will thrive in your care. They are a joy to behold.

  1. Thanks for sharing ur info. I didn’t expect to see this ,but I am glad that I did. Where do I get this Jasmine from?

  2. This is wonderful information but I don’t have room in my small apartment to grow
    Any plants besides that every time I’ve ever tried to grow anything it always dies !

  3. I enjoyed reading all of your GREAT idea’s & will surely improve my selection in the future for choosing the best & useful plants in my home. I will be sharing this with my Daughter’s & Granddaughter & Also my Grandson’s as they all love thing’s that are helping to their well being, as I do. I have tried to teach my Children to choose to live life to the fullest.
    Thank You

  4. Your right… They are beautiful plants! My family home was surround by Jasmine when I was growing up. I loved the start of spring! Still do!

  5. I have been wanting a lavender plant. I heard they help anxiety .I gotta get one lol Thank u so much for sharing info

  6. The smell of Lavender and Jasmine is so alluring. Love them both. I already have the Lavender, I knew it helps with sleep but forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Lavender and Jasmine are so special with a little bit of sunflowers makes the yard smell beautiful and the bees are happy and the birds

  8. Plants, And flowers in any kind is great to have at home. They glooms our homes. A happy moments of homes to live..,…

  9. I would like to know more about the disease alzheimers,that took my sweet mother out of this world.i don’t understand why people get this my mom was smart and she read books all the time she could do any thing she set her mind to do.

  10. Thanks so much for this information! I’m at Home Depot now and will look for Jasmine☺️
    Stay well. Sleep well.

  11. Thank you for information Never to old to learn new things God Bless everyone and Thank you Lord for another day

  12. Hi , I’m very happy to receive from you those informations concerning plants and foods for the safety of my life . Thank you !

  13. I love all the flowers you recommend for helping my husband and myself breath easier (he has COPD). The question I have is: I have 2 cats. Are any of these plants dangerous to my kitties? Is there a way to keep them away from the plants? I also have 2 dogs. I don’t think they would bother plants but you never know. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  14. Jasmine plants require minimum sunlight not direct sunlight. Water every other day. Make sure you trim the plant once
    A month to keep it healthy also a air steamer with Jasmine oil will help if you are not good with plants.


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