5 Foods That Raise the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease


4. Foods with High Cholesterol

Studies suggest elevated cholesterol plays an important role in Alzheimer’s development. Cholesterol is involved in the production of the amyloid-beta proteins responsible for damaging neurons. Laboratory animals fed high-fat, high-cholesterol foods demonstrated an increased difficulty learning and remembering compared with animals that ate healthier diets. The brains of the afflicted animals also displayed a significant loss of neurons and other symptoms typically associated with Alzheimer’s. In Finland, scientists studied 444 men. The group learned that the men who had chronically high blood cholesterol during middle age were three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in their senior years.

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  1. Very good info. I did stop consuming most if that over twenty years ago. The last time I drank pop or soft drinks of any kind was in 1985 when nobody did address this issues in public.

    Any Colorado brewery is better and healthy that ANY soft drink.

  2. Wow, good to know. I eat entirely to much sugar, love candy, and something sweet after my meal. As for pastas and whole grain which include bread, cereals and potatoes, guilty as charged. I need to restructure my diet or I will be like my great grandmother and grandfather who had dementia.


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