10 challenges poor students and teachers face


8. Funding for field trips can be scarce

Usually, the most affluent school districts are the ones that can afford to take the most extravagant field trips. These are often funded by parents who take a vested interest in fundraising for the students to have immersive learning experiences. But, according to Chalkbeat, a nonprofit education news source, such fundraising can (and often does) exacerbate the disparities between the quality of education received at affluent versus low-income schools.

Of course, when school districts simply don’t have funds available, places like the NEA Foundation offer grants that interested teachers can apply for. If accepted, they’ll help fund the cost of field trips, from simple day trips to museums to extravagant excursions to places like NASA. Nevertheless, if a teacher is stretched thin between instruction time, parent-teacher conferences, getting caught up on grading papers, and lesson planning, it can be difficult for them to find the time to draft up a grant proposal.

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